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COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast


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COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Sewing & Design.......every Day Except Saturday
Time to either learn to sew, improve on it, or make something from a picture!!!. At $11/hour its cheaper than a casual visit to the gym......and we laugh alot!! See you there phone 5309 5595 or call in on Village Walkway xx...

Sunshine Troupe Inc Performs The Wiz
BOOK NOW for the Inaugral performance of \"The Wiz\" by The Sunshine Troupe Inc. on Saturday October...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Weekend Exhibition 10-12 July 2009 For The Cancer Fund
“4 Artist Hearts for Cancer Fund” Exhibition 10-12th July 2009 at Bicentennial Community Centre No...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Jewellery Workshops
It can be hard to find jewellery workshops on the coast, but Frances Of Jubeadilation is running the...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Why Don’t You Show Them?
Why don’t you show them who I am Show every woman and show every man So they will know that I am...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Literary Speaking
Literary Speaking Now, when furthering our literary education, It also pays to improve upon pron...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Chuffed With Language
Chuffed With Language Language is a magic thing, something to appreciate, Something that can cap...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
An Ode To Poetry
An Ode To Poetry It seems as if most aren’t all that fussed about poetry, That it’s simply the i...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Show Them Love First
Show them love first and they will see Jesus alive in you and me Don’t tell them the things wher...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Love Of A Different Kind
Show them you know love of a different kind A love that changes hearts and minds A love that can...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
It Is Not About Us
It is not about us and the things we do It is all about Jesus being on view So that many can see...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
No Value In Material Things
There is no value in material things There is some excitement and a rush it brings But what abou...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
Love Not Religious Enough????
So many think love is warm and fuzzy stuff So many think love is not religious enough They don’t...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
No More Excuses
NO MORE EXCUSES No more excuses for walking in “flesh” When all I am calling you to do is “rest”...

COASTONLINE Sunshine Coast
My Page
Please help a local Gold Coast family claim first place in a national ...

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Sunshine Troupe Inc performs T
BOOK NOW for the Inaugral performance of \"The Wiz\" by The Sunshine T...

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Sewing & Design.......Every Da
Time to either learn to sew, improve on it, or make something from a p...

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